Website Copy

A well-designed, professional website requires powerful written content to be truly successful. Engaging, keyword rich copy can establish your online presence, build brand and bring in business.

For many customers your website is the voice of your brand, so it is essential that any content conveys a clear message. The right copy can help to build trust in your business and establish your expert credentials as well as promoting products and creating customers.

It is important to write with the customer in mind so any information is relevant, engaging and easily accessible. Anticipating questions and providing a smooth, flowing story will also help people to navigate through your site, resulting in more potential sales.

Clear, concise content is beneficial as well. Many readers are likely to skim through your website as they are time-limited or have a short attention span. A website that needs minimum effort to engage with will actually encourage people to read more of its pages.

For search engine optimisation, keyword rich copy is invaluable. Keywords help search engines to index content and reveal how relevant a website is to a search, defining where it will appear in the results. Clever and subtle use of keywords will maintain a natural feel to your website while helping it move up the rankings.

Whatever your business may be, Dorset Copywriting can work with you to create engaging, keyword rich website copy with a bespoke tone and style to suit both your brand and customer.

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