Press Releases

Press releases ensure the media are kept informed of your latest important news and developments. Although these written communications often need only a minimal amount of copy, they are an excellent marketing tool for both online and offline customers.

With every word needing to pull its weight, there is an art to copywriting a successful press release that will benefit your business.

There are a surprising amount of occasions when it is suitable to write a press release. Achievements, anniversaries, events and of course new products or service launches are all perfect press release material. Additionally, they can also be used in less favourable times as a proactive way to manage an issue.

The media receive many press releases so it is important to ensure those from your business stand out with attention-grabbing copy that is clear, concise and of course, interesting. An engaging press release will show the media that their viewers, listeners or readers can in turn be engaged.

As social media is a valuable press release platform, any copy also needs to be keyword rich. Content can easily be shared and linked back to your own business website, where search engines index it. This can result in your business moving up the result rankings for the foreseeable future.

Whatever you want to announce, Dorset Copywriting can write engaging, keyword rich and search engine friendly press releases with copy that will get you coverage.

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