Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important and effective digital marketing tool. Regularly emailing a database of customers allows you to connect, build brand, create sales and drive new traffic to your website.

While communications need not be long, they do need to be well written. Customers often check their emails daily, but they are usually busy people. Any email should be engaging, clear and easily read by recipients. Personalised content and a professional, responsive layout including great quality graphics will help customers to feel welcome rather than overwhelmed. Additionally, a clever subject title and preview copy will also help your mail to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Email content can be utilised in many ways including celebrating subscriber anniversaries or national events, sending offers, announcing products and encouraging back inactive customers. When combined with an all-important call to action, email marketing will improve customer relationship management and increase sales.

Including links to your business website and social media accounts on any communication is also invaluable. Emails are simple to forward, so encouraging customers to share them with friends, family or co-workers can result in new leads.

Email marketing can maximise the impact of customer databases created from website or social media sign-ups. Whenever you choose to send a communication, Dorset Copywriting can provide personal, engaging and responsive content with a call to action that customers will answer.

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