Brochures & Flyers

Brochures and flyers are excellent marketing tools to attract both online and offline customers. A well-designed and well-written publication will help to build brand, bring in new leads and create sales.

Equally suited for printing or linking to a website, brochures and flyers allow you to showcase your business to a wide customer demographic. Whether you want to give a brand overview or focus on specific products and services, these publications can successfully promote the unique selling point you have to offer.

In order to hold people’s attention, intriguing and relevant headlines combined with clear, concise information are essential. Content that highlights the benefits of your business will also help to engage readers and encourage trust in your brand.

Clever copy will take readers on a clear journey through the brochure or flyer, ending with a call to action that should see leads converted into customers.

If you plan to link a publication to your business website then keyword rich content is incredibly important as search engines will index it there. Adding suitable, but subtle keywords to a brochure or flyer could leave your business higher up the results rankings. Any content can also be shared on your social media platforms.

Whatever style and size of brochure or flyer you want, Dorset Copywriting can provide engaging, customer-focused content that is keyword rich and search engine friendly.

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