Blog Articles

Blog articles are a valuable business tool. The regular, new and engaging content they create for your website can help to bring in customers, build brand and increase search engine optimisation. Easily shareable on social media and email marketing, blogs are an excellent way to keep in regular contact with your existing customers and also encourage new ones.

The more informal nature of a blog also allows you to connect on a personal level, building relationship and trust with readers.

As well as being engaging, an informative blog will show potential customers that your brand means business. Each new blog with helpful insights and expert information builds your credibility, which in turn can lead to higher customer conversion.

Importantly, a carefully created blog is an effective way to boost your search engine optimisation. Search engines of all sorts place a value on new content. Constantly updating your website can be exhausting and impractical, but every blog posted automatically gives the likes of Google another page to index. This can move your business up the rankings for months.

To maximise impact, it is essential to include keyword-rich content. Subtle, but suitable keywords allow direct links to your website and further boost search engine optimization while maintaining the natural flow of an article.

However frequently you would like to blog, Dorset Copywriting can create copy for engaging, keyword-rich and search engine friendly articles of all lengths.

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