Advertising is essential for any business. Whether you choose to target online or offline markets, an effective advert can positively promote your business to build brand, create new customers and encourage back existing ones.

Adverts work equally well across many platforms including websites, social media channels, email marketing, magazines and posters or flyers. These may all look different, but they provide the same challenge of needing to say a lot with only a little copy.

Well written adverts generate not only sales, but also interest and trust in a business. They provide the perfect place to highlight the unique selling point of a product or service and prove why it should be chosen over any competition.

In a crowded market place, customers often find themselves overwhelmed by advertising. To ensure your business stands out, any advert should look both look and sound attractive. Smart graphic design, an attention-grabbing headline and content written with the customer in mind will all engage valuable leads. Keyword rich copy is also essential for online advertising to maximise search engine optimisation.

If you want to spend a little more time explaining the benefits of a product or discussing services, then an advertorial is an excellent option. An advert written in the style of an editorial, advertorials allow for wider content and are fast growing in popularity.

However you choose to advertise your business, Dorset Copywriting can provide engaging, customer-focused content to generate trust, interest and ultimately sales.

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